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Business Improvement

Helping clients resolve issues of profitability, growth and sustainability.

The strength of our Business Improvement Services comes from our deep expertise and rich experience in setting up new businesses and transforming old ones. The perspective of macro-level process interrelationships, their ultimate impact on business, combined with the ability to analyse and redefine lowest level tasks, gives us a distinct edge.

Our solutions are always field tested and any advisory is game-changing from design standpoint, yet pragmatic for ease of implementation, keeping in view technological constraints, human and environment related challenges. This approach and focus is a by-product of our past transformational experience which is how we set and deliver on desired outcomes. Our senior consultants are also panel members in consulting networks in India and overseas. This access gives us the breadth and depth of experience to tackle the most challenging opportunities.

Any organisation can face challenges in sales, profitability and sustainability. What we bring is the insight into alignment issues between market situation and positioning of products and services, growth issues from segment strategy alignment with market, supply chain efficiency issues that affect cost and understanding of barriers to disruptive competition for sustainability.

Ability to bridge the top level analyses with low level tasks and their reciprocal impacts helps us to define and implement working solutions that deliver results. We also identify people related issues that hinder progress and develop interventions that can help create sustainable management practices.

Our focus is in B2B space in product and or services sectors in the Technology or Manufacturing sectors. We look at enterprise solution development from a complete go-to-market standpoint combined with execution processes.

If you have a problem or the aspiration for quantum growth, but could do with specific help, you need not go further. Write to us NOW on info@jdv-consulting.in